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We have assembled a selection of our work below, arranged by category.
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Web Sites

Ali Cat has provided custom web site design for a wide-variety of clients ~ locally, nationally and internationally.

Our dynamic web solutions employ a variety of technologies including Flash animation, slide shows and interactive forms.

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Mobile Web Sites

Ali Cat has created mobile-friendly versions of a number of our client's web sites, perfect for smart phones and other mobile devices.



Logo: the visual representation of a company or organization which forms the foundation of its corporate identity.

A logo is a name, symbol, monogram, emblem or trademark or other graphic device designed for easy and definitive recognition by the company's audience.

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Business Cards

Business card: the visual representation of a person or company's contact information and brand (logo).

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Brochure: a small booklet or folded pamphlet containing promotional material or product information.

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Letterhead: business stationery that has the company's name, logo and contact information printed on it.

We can design a complete stationery system that includes letterhead, envelope, business card, brochure, etc.

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Flyer: (also called "handbill" or "leaflet") An advertisement printed on a loose sheet of paper - intended for wide distribution.

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Poster: a large illustrated card or paper printed on one side and hung on a vertical surface to advertise or publicise a product or event.

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Ad: a public promotion of a product or service.

Ali Cat can help you with the design and layout of the perfect ad for print media and internet.

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Ali Cat designs custom invitations and announcements for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

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Ali Cat can design the perfect cover for your book, magazine, report or other publication.

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Ali Cat can help with the layout and desktop publishing of your book or booklet.

We have produced a number of publications, including children's books and bound reports.

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Card: folded paper or cardstock bearing a message of greeting, congratulation or other sentiment.

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CD Art

Ali Cat can help with the design of graphics for your audio-visual media: from tray cards and covers to CD and DVD labels.

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Ali Cat can design a ticket for your next event. We can print up to 500 tickets in-house with ticket numbers and perforated tear-off stubs.

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We have designed forms for a wide variety of businesses and purposes ~ hotels, restaurants, medical practices, etc.

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If you can dream it,
Ali Cat can design it!

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Design Sets

This series of slides is organized into sets. In each, the progression of design can be seen, as well as the maintenance of a design theme throughout.

As your designer, Ali Cat will maintain a consistency of colour, feeling and style for all of your branding, advertizing and promotional items. This will give your company or organization the most professional look possible.

From logos and branding to web sites, Ali Cat can do it all!

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